Our deep knowledge of the loan repayment programs offered by the U.S. Department of Education, combined with our systems, process and people enable us to deliver what you value most - results and simplicity.

Our Team

/Our Team

Who We Are

At Higher Level Processing, we live and breathe federal student loan repayment programs. We don’t lend money and we’re not a bank. We’re a company that finds the best federally subsidized programs that you are eligible for but not utilizing.

What We Do

There are sixty-seven (67) subsidization programs available at the federal and state levels. Each of these student loan repayment programs have unique qualification criteria, information, documentation and administrative requirements. HLP specializes in finding the optimal repayment programs that meet the needs of our clients.

Why Choose Us

Results: HLP has been serving the needs of clients in many different professions for over six years. The expertise we have developed enables HLP to deliver unmatched results. Our clients save an average of $5,616 each year. Simplicity: the HLP teams manage all the administrative details for our clients so that you aren’t bothered with these details.

What We Offer

Focus: Higher Level Processing is focused exclusively on helping people with Federal student loans. Expertise: we specialize in finding the best available programs from the U.S. Dept. of Education which suit your current situation and reduce the burden of your student loans. Stability: our competitors come and go, but HLP has been in business for six years and will be here for you in the future.


HLP is a privately held company which means we have the latitude to be a “customer first” organization. We are not driven to deliver short-term financial results (such as quarterly earnings) like many of our competitors.  As a privately held company, we can address the needs of our customers first.

Hugh Adams
Hugh Adams


Michael Adams
Michael Adams

Business Manager and HR Director

Leading Higher Level Proccessing is a privilege. Managing our talented team and driving them to deliver the best customer experience in the industry is both demanding and rewarding. Providing our Clients life-changing services is the icing on the cake. Every week we receive remarkable feedback from our Clients regarding the results we deliver.

Hugh Adams, CEO

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