Our deep knowledge of the loan repayment programs offered by the U.S. Department of Education, combined with our systems, process and people enable us to deliver what you value most - results and simplicity.

HLP Home Review

/HLP Home Review

7/23/2018 Matthew Thompson with HLP took the reigns after some handling issues created confusion and caused regressive action. He resubmitted for a slightly different program that resulted in a complete dismissal of my nearly $60,000 in debt


04/06/2018. This company has taken a complete weight off my shoulders! They are always so helpful and super easy to talk too. They take care of everything for me and I love it! My life

Amanda B.

Arizona resident


02/14/2018. Dara Sheinmann helped me through the entire process and offered me an incredible deal! I was very emotional when my original loan provider told me what I would have to pay per month, but

Amanda P.

Wisconsin Resident


03/15/2018. Yesica Estevez is the most helpful person. She took the time to look at my account and help guide me towards the lowest payments. HLP takes care of the worrying and paperwork for you

Danille B.

Ohio Resident


02/07/2018. Beatriz Hernandez was such an amazing person. She is very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. She assured me that I qualified for help in reducing my student loans. She understood the emotional frustration

Aisha H.

Tennessee Resident


02/27/ 2018. This company has been absolutely outstanding. They help me throughout my student loan process without me hardly doing anything. It is completely worth every penny for the peace of mind!

Dana B.

Florida Resident


1/05/2018. I wanted to share a positive experience I had with Yesica and HLP. They were very helpful for me today and I have not had any issues with this company in regards to my

Amber W.

California Resident


10/04/2017. Higher Level Processing makes it so easy to manage your student loan debt. Sure, you could go through the hassle of dealing with your school and the dept. of education yourself, but this company

Alexandra S.

California Resident


2/16/2017. Excited to Have My Debt Forgiven By HLP. I was blown away how easy and fast it was to have my student loan taken care of by Higher Level Processing. They were able to

Steven P.

California Resident


10/10/2016.  Thank You HLP. My Advisor Nick was able to break down everything for me and take a lot of stress off my shoulders in regards to my student loans. He is very informative and

Jeffery S.

Missouri Resident