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Dori S.

4/9/2017 Student Loan Forgiveness and My Loan Angel

When I was first contacted by my Account Advisor Kimberly S. I was very rude to her due to a bad experience I had with another company.  I unfortunately believed this other company would help me. In the end, I was scammed for $1200!

When I was initially contacted by Kimberly S. (who I now consider my loan angel) she was very nice, professional and upbeat! I’m embarrassed to say, but she ended up being the recipient of all my anger from trusting the wrong company. After I unleashed my wrath on her she apologized for the negative experience I had before. Then I hung up on her. She sent me a text basically stating how she understands my hesitation and how frustrating it is for her when hearing about these other companies who prey on people who are just looking for help. Kimberly S. then went on to say that she would completely understand if I didn’t want to hear her out, but that if I would give her permission she would research my situation be ready to provide her assessment in a couple of weeks. She said if I was still unwilling and just wanted to hang up on her again she would endure (lol)! She ended our text conversation by saying how she hopes I will seriously consider giving her a chance to see all the options there might be for loan forgiveness to not only relieve the stress that loans can cause, but more importantly to show me that for every bad story there are many wonderful experiences.

The one sentence that immediately caused me call her was when she explained that the if just met her halfway she would go the extra mile to ensure that I receive an amazing experience and that she will show me that there are still people out there who want nothing more but to help those that are deserving! If I still wasn’t willing she said she wouldn’t continue to convince me and would just put my file to the side with the hope I would reach out to her! Her genuineness and eagerness to help won me over.

I’m ashamed to say that I put that sweet girl through the ringer at every single step of the process. In a normal scenario from start to finish the process could probably be done in an hour. I drug my case for out 3 weeks! I guess you could say I was testing her, and I’m able to say she passed with flying colors. No matter how many appointments I missed, and how many hoops I made her jump through she stayed patient and never gave up. On top of that there was never any question that she wasn’t able to answer about the programs and loans in general. In the end, what sold me and made the choice to sign with this company is solely because the experience I received from Kimberly S.!

I 100% suggest that anyone looking for help should go with this company and if possible see if you could be lucky enough to have Kimberly S. to walk you through your student loan debt! A great deal of gratitude to Kimberly S. and Higher Level Processing! I just hope whomever is the brains of this company is aware how lucky he/she is to have Kimberly S. on the team. The protectiveness she has for your company and conviction in the service that you provide is infectious as well as very hard to find these days!

Dori S.

Gorgia Resident